Tire Alignment in O'Fallon, IL

It's probably one of the least understood car maintenance items, but it's definitely an important one. It's your vehicle's alignment.

What is car alignment?

When your car was built at the manufacturing facility, the suspension system was placed in a position so that your tires connect with the road at a precise angle. This angle ensures that your vehicle drives straight when the steering wheel is straight, and also promotes even tread wear on your tires. The suspension system loses its proper position or alignment when you hit potholes or drive on rough roads. These less than ideal road conditions gradually bump the suspension system out of alignment and can lead to decreased mpg and uneven tire tread wear.

Meyer Honda performs alignment service on all make and model vehicles at our O'Fallon, IL auto service facility. If you think your car, truck, van or SUV may be out alignment and in need of this service, just contact one of our service advisors to make an inspection appointment.

How Do I Know if I Need Alignment Service?

The most common sign that your vehicle is out of alignment is if it pulls to the right or left while driving with the steering wheel straight. If you are experiencing this symptom, then we recommend you bring your car, truck, van or SUV to Meyer Honda immediately.

Why is proper vehicle alignment important?

When your car is misaligned, it promotes uneven tread wear on your tires and can lead to shortened tire lifespan. Uneven tire tread wear also leads to decreased fuel efficiency in your vehicle.

If you'd like to learn more information about why it's in your best interest to keep your car, truck, van or SUV in proper alignment, contact us online and one of our service advisors can answer all your questions.

Wheel Alignment Service near St. Louis

Our auto service facility at Meyer Honda is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. We invite you to schedule all your auto maintenance services online so that you can get an appointment time that works best for you.

Alignment is just one of the many services our expert technicians perform at our O'Fallon, IL Honda maintenance center. We work on all make and model vehicles, not just Hondas. If you suspect that your car is out of alignment, allow us to perform a no-obligation inspection to determine your alignment status. At Meyer Honda, we never push unnecessary services on you, and our service advisors always take the time to thoroughly explain your options.

We're conveniently located minutes from the Fairview Heights, Collinsville, Lebanon areas at 1268 Central Park Drive O'Fallon, IL 62269.

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