Get your Oil Changed at Meyer Honda in O'Fallon, Right Off Central Park Drive

Honda Oil Changes near St. Louis

It's the simplest and most frequent service you have performed, but it's also the most important. It's an oil change and at Meyer Honda we perform this and other maintenance on all make/model vehicles. Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and needs to be changed at regular intervals in order to keep your engine running in top condition.

How frequently should I have my oil changed?

Most of the new vehicles rolling off the factory floor these days will automatically notify you when you are due for an oil change. Many service facilities will also notify you via mail, text or e-mail when you are due for this service.

Our O'Fallon, IL Honda service facility offers discount oil changes for residents of O'Fallon, Swansea and Fairview Heights through our online service specials. These maintenance specials are hand-picked by our service managers to save you money on the services you need most.

Meyer Honda offers Express Service for routine maintenance like oil changes. You can schedule this service online and then bring your vehicle to our Honda maintenance facility located at 1268 Central Park Drive O'Fallon, IL 62269.  

Why Is Getting My Oil Changed Regularly Important?

A vehicle's engine is a complex piece of machinery with many moving parts. Engine oil serves a variety of purposes in keeping those parts operating effectively. For starters, oil serves as a coolant. Car engines reach extremely high temperatures during normal everyday operation. Your oil helps keep your engine from overheating. Engine oil also serves as a lubricant for the many parts inside your engine. Without oil, these parts would rub together and create friction which could potentially damage your engine.

Lastly, oil is also a cleaning agent for your car, truck, van or SUV's engine. Over time, your engine creates deposits through the constant motion of internal parts. Oil absorbs these deposits and keeps them from building up in your motor engine. Eventually, engine oil reaches a maximum saturation point and can no longer absorb any more deposits. This is the point at which you can look at your oil and it appears "dirty." This is also a good indicator that it's time for an oil change to ensure that your car's engine can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Oil Change Service at Meyer Honda in O'Fallon, IL

If it's time for an oil change on your vehicle, then let the pros at Meyer Honda's service department take care of this maintenance item for you. Our Express Service facility can perform your oil change quickly and get you back on the road so you can carry on with your busy life. We offer online service scheduling which allows you to get an appointment that works for you. Our service department is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We're conveniently located at 1268 Central Park Drive O'Fallon, IL 62269.

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